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French Peak Vineyard, where Scottish owners have followed their dreams and made the impressive move to the New Zealand countryside paradise after 13 years in Singapore. 

Welcome to French Peak, our family-owned vineyard nestled in the heart of paradise in New Zealand.


Originally from Scotland, we found our passion for viticulture and made the bold move to purchase French Peak in June 2021, leaving the concrete jungle of Singapore behind.


Since then, we have immersed ourselves in the local community, learned the art of growing grapes and winemaking, and have been on an exciting journey of discovery.


Our vineyard is a reflection of our passion for creating premium wines in a stunning setting, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our love for wine with you. Explore our website to learn more about our story and discover our range of exquisite wines.


        Simon & Carolyn


French Peak Vineyard planted its first vines in 1989, making it the oldest on the Peninsula. It's nestled in an extinct volcano and is a one-of-a-kind destination for wine enthusiasts. Sitting at an altitude of 80m, the vineyard enjoys cool maritime breezes and a long, sunny growing season, only 700m from the crystalline waters of the sea. With a history dating back centuries, French Peak is where tradition and innovation unite to produce exceptional wines.

We are proud to have run our vineyard using organic and biodynamic principles since 2016, and we are currently in the process of obtaining BioGro certification to ensure the organic integrity of our wines. In 2022, we made the switch from spur to cane pruning, resulting in a significant increase in the number of grapes growing on our vines, which currently number around 9,000.

Our passion for creating exceptional wines is evident in every bottle of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and Rose that we offer. Due to our limited production, each vintage is highly sought after, with our award-winning wines selling out almost every year. Whether you are a connoisseur or simply enjoy a glass of fine wine, French Peak offers a unique and unforgettable tasting experience.

Our French Peak seating area provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. With comfortable outdoor seating and large parasols to shield you from the New Zealand sun, you can relax and enjoy a glass of our finest wine in the great outdoors. And for those who prefer indoor seating, we offer a cozy, rustic atmosphere with a touch of French elegance and homely English pubs.

Whether it's a sunny day or a crisp autumn afternoon, you can gather your friends and experience the genuine hospitality that French Peak is known for. Situated in one of the most peaceful and scenic locations on the Peninsula, our vineyard has been the backdrop for many love stories, celebrations, and memorable moments. Book your visit and enjoy a wine tasting and immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding vineyard and rolling hills.



Meet Kumara, our charming and affectionate rescue kitten who has found his forever home at French Peak. With his playful and inquisitive nature, Kumara can often be found exploring our grounds, soaking up attention and love from our visitors. His endearing presence adds a touch of warmth to our picturesque vineyard, and he has become an integral part of our family here at French Peak. Come and say hello to Kumara during your visit to our vineyard, and experience his sweet and friendly personality firsthand.

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